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Fees and Limits
Last Updated 2 years ago


Without registration, it is possible to shop only up to CZK 25,000 / day. If you are interested in raising limits, authorization is required - typically using two IDs. For more information, contact us at


The structure of our fees may seem complicated at first glance. We strive for maximum transparency in arranging buying or selling on the stock exchange, so we always consist of the following price.

  1. Exchange CZK on EUR - we can buy on the stock exchange only in Euros, the current exchange rate here
  2. Stock exchange fee for the purchase - typically 0.03% of the amount
  3. Commission for us - 2% when buying Alza vending machine, 7% when using a voucher
  4. Network charges - our goal is to send for as little as possible - are typical values
  • BTC - 0.00001
  • LTC -
  • ETH

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